The Many Uses Of Bollards

Different Types And Their Use

If for any reason you need to separate the street from the pavement, or need to restrict access to an area, you should consider some easy ways to do it. There are options that are accepted for both individual and commercial purposes, and here is what that option is.

Bollards are small poles that stop anyone from trespassing into an area. They are used for many different things depending on the type. There are removable ones, which you can easily move, and put away whenever you don’t need them.


They are good for when you want to restrict someone from parking in your space. Permanent ones are normally made from concrete, and they are placed to separate the street from the pavement, and they help protect pedestrians. There are many situations when you need them just at certain times. These Bollards are retractable, and you can use remotes to push them down when you don’t need them. They are normally used when you want to grant access to certain vehicles that have the card to get in. Another commonly used type is plastic flexible ones. They are placed on roads for safety reasons. They improve visibility and are great for any place where there is a lot of traffic. You should also know that while they have their primary purpose, Bollards can also be decorative, and complete the look of a building or a park.

As you can see, there are many types of these poles that are used for different situations. They are a great and easy way to either separate something or block someone the access to a certain area. You just have to find what works best for your needs.