Jockey Wheels
Jockey Wheels

Spare Parts That Everyone Should Have In Their Trailer

Jockey Wheels Help In Hitching Trailers to Tow Vehicles

Jockey wheels are an important part of equipment for a trailer and allows the towed vehicle, caravan, boat or others, to be moved easily from place to place, even after it is delinked from the towing vehicle.

Jockey Wheels

Importantly it allows the drawbar to be kept off the ground and this helps greatly in hitching or unhitching the trailer from the tow bar. This can be quite difficult when a trailer is loaded and it is then not easy to maneuver. This jockey wheel is retractable so that it is not touching the ground when the trailer is being moved. It requires to be positioned close to the hitch used for towing, and will have a built in jack that allows the lifting of the nose of a trailer, so that it can be positioned over the tow ball of the powered vehicle being used for towing.

Jockey wheels have a castor action that allows for the wheel to be moved in any direction for better maneuverability when positioning the correctly while doing the hitching or unhitching operation. This wheel functions as a mechanical system that can be used for guidance or steering heavy objects. You will also find jockey wheels used as a pair to add tension to a chain, and this is often found on mountain bikes.

The diameter of these wheels vary from 34mm to 63mm and more than the size it is the width of the wheel that is important, as this is what helps to distribute the weight and give ease of operation to their use. The tires on these wheels can be solid or pneumatic, with solid wheels being preferred for use over tarmac or packed surfaces. Pneumatic tires are useful on loose ground, a beach or muddy fields. Wheel centers will be of plastic or steel, with those of plastic suitable for lighter use.